Strong teams build culture, develop leaders, and fuel learning.

Take a look at some of our more recent client experiences.

Case Study #1

Global Bank Leadership Offsite

  Client Directive

Magnified partnered with the client to design a program for their newly formed Transaction Management group. With plans to grow the team to 700 members worldwide within one year, there was the need to establish relationships, foster communication, and reinforce a common vision and culture among their senior leaders.

  Our Approach

Our approach was multifaceted. We launched the program with unique introductions, followed by targeted team-building exercises to enhance leadership focus and connections. We concluded with a strategy session to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and highlight company culture.

Case Study #2

Large Pharmaceutical Drug Launch

  Client Directive

Magnified was assigned the responsibility of researching, designing, and conducting an immersive training program for all stakeholders engaged in the administration and education of the Immunocore drug for ocular melanoma patients. 

  Our Approach

Magnified collaborated with the learning team to understand key educational concepts, then crafted an engaging and competitive team-based experience. Magnified developed a customized web-based app for participants. This app featured content questions that required correct answers to unlock team challenges at multiple locations in Park City, Utah. Teams were strategically created to facilitate knowledge sharing across job functions.