Hugs and High Fives – A Gradual Shift to In Person Events

Park City, Utah. Not a bad venue for our first in-person event in over 16 months. We had the privilege of designing and executing a fun, educational and collaborative experience for a large biotech firm. Although Magnified successfully pivoted during the pandemic – enhancing its portfolio of offerings with all-virtual experiences – it was great to get back to our roots and be live with our clients.   There are just some things that must be experienced in person. 

  • The Energy –  This isn’t something you see; it is something you feel. The playful banter between teams, the high fives and the cheers made the air feel electric. 
  • The Transformation – There is always the reluctant participant, the shy participant, or the new person to the team. But we live for making connections, so one of the most rewarding outcomes is seeing those hesitant participants at the end of the experience laughing and talking with their colleagues. 
  • The Pictures and Videos – All of our experiences are documented with photos and videos. Having snapshots of teams working together, laughing and enjoying each other is so valuable for our clients. The slideshows and/or videos we create are often used at the event wrap up celebration, or to kick off the next gathering. 
  • The Expressions – Most often we tell our clients to keep our event a bit ‘mysterious’ for the participants. We love to watch the expressions as they arrive at the venue. The starting location always has fun music with our staff, many of them dynamic actors, greeting the participants as they enter. The expressions are priceless and usually progress from confusion to excitement. 

Writing this I realized that positively connecting with others is what makes us happy humans. Connecting with others gives us energy, a sense of belonging, and can often lift our moods. And in our business, this ultimately helps our clients. Companies that have energized, happy, connected employees that understand and feel their company’s culture in action is just good business. And we are very proud and happy to deliver that service


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