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We understand how creating connections is important now more than ever.

Our virtual events are designed with the primary goal of building camaraderie and relationships. While reinforcing your company’s messaging, we accomplish this with our unique customization and our bespoke technology framework.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish in 30 minutes! This fun event allows for connections to be made in a casual way. We facilitate introductions with a twist and then split the participants into teams to work together towards a common goal.

This 45-60 minute event is designed around our popular ‘Amazing Race’ format. Participants are divided into teams and are challenged to solve clues and complete activities in various locations around the world. This experience can be completely customized for any city, country, or geographic area. Surprise flash challenges give teams the ability to earn bonus points as they race against other teams and the clock!

This single or multi week program is designed to facilitate connections and relationship building in a virtual environment. We use technology for connections but not for impact. It is the perfect solution for internships, new hire orientations, training programs, etc. Our unique platform promotes participant involvement and team spirit resulting in relationships built on multiple layers of connections — more than just business.